Sonntag Nachmittag beim Malen: Gedanken für das nächste Kapitel meines neuen Buches, eine Skizze


Sonntag Nachmittag, beim Malen, wenn die Gedanken ohne Ordnung kommen und wie Schatten über die Bildoberfläche huschen. Und so entsteht, nach und nach, eine Idee für  das nächste  Kapitel meines neuen Buches: “Unser Bewusstsein, finden wir es nicht reflektiert in … Continue reading

Things you’ll never regret …

  like: those you’ve been told you should absolutely not do – and did anyways and regretted right there and then – and then lived through to somehow rectify and come out at the other side against the odds, only to  know that you are indeed capable of misjudging, and of being stupid, and of not heeding advice – and with some luck henceforth you will not judge others who are living their moment, being incorrigible, stupid, making mistakes. 

Schrödinger’s cat – or: On the art of being in multiple locations simultaneously


  After a couple of years working  part time as a lawyer I just started working in a full time position. The first week brought me to about 50 hours and an additional 13 hours commuting time. My brain – … Continue reading