Mahabaratha, final version

See the people on the left, right out of “Waiting for Godot”,real and possibly identifiable by their puzzled expressions and shabby clothing, confronted with the ideas and forces of the Mahabaratha, the great wagon of creation, that rule their existence whether they are aware of them or not, whether they approve of these ideas or reject them or are capable to form an opinion on the ethic implications of them in the first place.

The Mahabaratha, one of two major Sanscrit epics, is one of the first known written attempts to address the question of whether there can be a just war. On the wagon you will be able to identify the military commander as well as the celestial (winged) beings who discuss the fate of humans calmly and without apparent distress or compassion. Stylistic resemblances to Guernica through the more compassionate woeful expression of the face to the left of the commander, moving towards the human sphere as if in a warning but alas without reaching them or even being conceived as possible, points towards the reality of human existence: even though war has but destructive consequences it is an ever reoccurring reality throughout history, sweeping away everything in its path.

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