dilettante ideas on healing by a seasoned atheist (the mahabaratha series, cont.)

No human wound on this earth has ever been healed other than through gentle touch. No human spirit has ever been mended other than through love and compassion.

Be weary of the bitter potion of self-chastising you justify taking every day by calling it medicine, it might just be what it calls itself: poison.

Yoga teaches to adjust your practice to the point of no pain, to accept the slowness of your progress with a humble spirit,not to break yourself to succeed, you are but human. I shudder of the practice that mortifies your flesh for some idealized purpose.

To be asked how to heal pain I would answer with love, not with more pain. The part of us we might call the soul is like a newborn, requiring care and gentleness. You would not cause a newborn pain, and you would justly call anybody a madman who thought that causing a child pain could be justified by any benefit.

True, pain is an unavoidable part of human existence. The Buddha teaches to answer it with compassion. Christ asks to love yourself as you would others. Allah is fond of mildness and does not give to the harsh. Would you cause your own children pain to better them? Would you feel justify hurting someone else for their own
longterm benefit? I know you would not. Could you possibly embrace the idea of treating yourself with the same gentleness?

Will you accept yourself as you are? Will you allow compassion with yourself, forgiveness with your own weakness, smiles for your own pathetic inadequacy?

Put down that cup of poison and drink from the clear water of life untainted by interpretation.Trust your senses. The hands of your children or your friend, the beauty of being warm or cold, of being alive still to sight and sound. Life is a celebration. Celebrate.

And when you get upset with me for writing like as if I knew how to accomplish such a complex thing as healing (which I readily admit not to know)I just ask you to believe me that I am not writing it from a privileged, theoretical point of view, that I have known pain as much as you might have, that I know the terror of waking at three twenty-one at night – and yet I ask you to open your eyes to see that life is beautiful despite its apparent shortcomings and that you are good as you are.

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