‘Where Wild Things Are’ Author Maurice Sendak Dies – NYTimes.com

'Where Wild Things Are' Author Maurice Sendak Dies – NYTimes.com.

Sendak has been most influential as an artist and illustrator to my work but even before that his wild things encouraged me to be WILD when I was little and to STARE into peoples’ eyes and tell them ‘BE STILL” when they were showing their terrible claws and rolling their terrible eyes. I still love his obnoxious, headstrong creatures who cut through all the embellishments, the sugar-coating, the lies about the children’s’ lives, and I admire his life-long refusal to deliver educational commonplaces to kids. I LOVE HIS WILD THINGS. I LOVE HIS PIGS. I LOVE MAX. Thank you, Maurice, KING of WILD THINGS!

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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