state machines and databases

the particular state machine that my brain might be runs in and on one human life time. the declarative nature of the statement x like “dna computation is a likely development” quite naturally is not based on intuition but is the result of the different moves of a game i taught myself in the hours my brain was idling. moves which could not be called strictly logical in the sense that they are sequenced in an if-then statement, if that makes any sense, but in the visual study of apparent patterns and a prediction that is based upon that study. surprisingly, these moves do resemble the description of computation very accurately, especially in so far as i would actually call them a mere transformation of data. metamorphosis. though it would cause semantic discontent to state that “everything is a database”. to distinguish data requires to locate specific particles in a specifically assigned space, excuse the non-technical terminology. i am aware of the finite number of particles in an infinite universe – with the simple but intriguing result that the set of all possible states of data, no matter how one is to specify its dimensions, is incredibly large yet finite and bound to endless repetition. this in itself of course is no counter argument to the statement but it strongly pointing towards the idea that the very idea of extractable data is just based upon the inability to take the integrating concept into consideration or simply put: that one might mistake one’s myopic point of view for reality.

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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