shadows rising, three-dimensional drawings on acrylic panes, not quite dancing – yet

After drawing meditation for 12 nights I wasn’t ready to let go just yet. Supposedly it was George Bernard Shaw who said that every fool can undertake fasting but only a wise can break it properly – and it might as well be applied to drawing meditation. Certainly I belong into the category of the fool, not that I had doubts about this before. The mind readily plows through grooves already established – and so the last few weeks after drawing meditation ended I have still been drawing most every night – and feeling kind of empty if I didn’t for once. I am not implying that drawing practice is a vice, but it is certainly not the result of an admirable discipline either that I have been sticking to it.

Certainly the nighttime indulges my overactive mind and allows the shadows – kept at bay during the day with the sober diet my legal enterprises as an attorney  offers – the nighttime allows these shadow a freedom that seems acceptable only as I catch them in some way. Paper seemed good enough during drawing meditation – though my paintings usually find spaces on raw, un-stretched materials like coffee sacks and sail cloths, wood and metal. Maybe it was just a question of time until the drawings too revolted against paper as a traditional medium.

Also, I was looking for the third dimension of my drawing beyond the obvious addition of ink to paper which – of course – makes for a third dimensions if only one cares to look close enough. But how to make the shadows dance in the room? How allow them to leave the paper and let them emerge into space as line and shadow? The answer was simple, even quite elegant, if by no means original. For the last ten nights I have been drawing on acrylic glass panes, 12 x 25 cm each. Each one of the panes is support for one protagonist in this emerging theater of rising shadows. I am planning to hang them by nylon strings and place a light in front of them to project their moving shadows on a light surface behind. For now, I am not done drawing and I would like to try out adding larger acrylic glass panes. During the next few days I will post drawings on acylic glass panes in no specific order. Multiple images have required the title of “brain on fire – no heart” and that is what I will most likely call this series. Hope you enjoy it.

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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