multiplying y – creating depth

multiplying y - creating depth

I thought it would take at least two more nights to finish this acrylic sheet but as I couldn’t stop drawing I finished it last night. I drew five layers altogether until I felt more lattice pattern would obscure the interlacing layers (which I drew on both sides).

It’s intriguing that working on a transparent sheet creates a drawing that feels at the same time tangible and elusive.

I think it would be great to multiply “y” further but this time not by adding more layers but by creating additional pieces in the same format. Five to ten sounds good for starters. I have always had a taste for the non-identical multiples in art. By the way, each sheet is about 1,30 m high. But I could also start by using up all the small panes I still have (about eight), drawing layered monsters, then proceed to the larger sheets.

Back to home depot it is …

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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