Newton to Heisenberg

Newton to Heisenberg

What would you have me
Embroider on my dress
Or my coat?
And would it quell that sense of outrage
That haunts you?

What confession would you
Have me deliver
Or sign?
And would it satisfy your desire
To prove yourself?

(and to whom)

Which ideas would you have me
Or change?
Would it give you a sense of safety
If I stated that
What should not be possible
Will not take place?

(as all children ask in the dark)

Too late, my friend.
The words have been said.
The deed’s done.
A door has been opened.
And there is a rip in the fabric
Of your three dimensions
Admitting a fourth
And a fifth

And so on.

I would gladly give you a hand
To help you find your way
From Newton to Heisenberg
But you see
I already slipped through
That rip
And I just don’t feel
Like coming back.

You’ll be fine.

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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