reweaving the fabric of time


i have committed to the practice of exchanging, if only for 3.141592653 minutes a day, now for then, up for down and today for yesterday

so when, during those 3.141592653 minutes, i see my hand guiding a pen over the paper, rather than to follow the steady progress of a new drawing, i see it erased line by line, and am rewarded by the promises of a work just envisioned, not yet constraint by its execution,

when i scan the sky for vaporous messages of ominous prophecies instead of wilting under the weight of a heaven i care not to imagine i look down into the vast expanses of the deep oceanic universe consisting of the probabilities of its continuable or discreet measurable properties, energy, position, momentum, angular momentum, and i escape, if only for a moment, the inescapable urge of the common mind to inject the holy into the profane as described so aptly by eliade

and, at last, when i walk the well-known streets that carry the contagion of my own history continuously infecting my present with meaning like an obsession i backtrace and erase the past step by step to acquire a new sense of what this place could be if it was not what it is already.

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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