Monsieur Petit et son chien

Monsieur Petit et son chien

Did you know he existed?
I didn’t until yesterday
when he materialized underneath
the tip of my radiograph.

There he was
demanding my attention
yet remaining oddly silent,

Monsieur Petit et son chien.
Eh, bien.

I guess he is out there
in fact, I am almost certain he is.

Perhaps you know him?
Perhaps you have met him,

if you have,
please remember,
next time you see him,
to convey a small message
from me?
I’d be much obliged.

Just mention to him
that his image has separated
from him like his shadow could not
and has adopted a small dog.

And ask him to please
watch out for the real dog,
flea-riddled and shabby as he might be,
the dog,
and take care of him,
and be kind to him.

And tell him not to worry,
he will recognize him,
once he sees him.

Ask very gently,
be persuasive with a hint of
severe authority.
It’s important because,
you see,

his image would much like to keep the dog.

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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