Wishing you a shimmering New Year where ever you may be …


Aelvor’s  speech, fragment (The tree at the End of the World) “… let us remember then that it takes so much more honest effort to build than to destroy, to listen than to state one’s own truth, to heal than to wound. Let this be a year to discover opportunities instead of giving in to fear, to be courageous and generous instead of small minded and defensive, to realize that there is no pain that we inflict that will not come back to us, and no missed opportunity to heal that will not come back to haunt our children. Let us realize that we are – in our everyday lives and with our everyday words – weaving history’s endless fabric and that one day we will not be asked why we failed to apply ourselves to the task but only that our contribution will either create a well crafted – even beautiful – passage or marr the fabric. Let us remember that we as well as those who we are taught to call “the other” all have but one life, one moment, to witness the amazing complexity of all of that is and that it is no more legitimate to disturb or shorten this moment than it would be to wake a wee one from its sleep for entertainment. The world is but one light, fragmented and reflected through all of our eyes and united to one shining image in an ancient mirror. We all are equally responsible to patiently guard its wholeness and prevent pieces from shattering, each in our own way, or it will irrevocably turn blind, dark and dull.”

I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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