Things you’ll never regret …

  like: those you’ve been told you should absolutely not do – and did anyways and regretted right there and then – and then lived through to somehow rectify and come out at the other side against the odds, only to  know that you are indeed capable of misjudging, and of being stupid, and of not heeding advice – and with some luck henceforth you will not judge others who are living their moment, being incorrigible, stupid, making mistakes. 

4 thoughts on “Things you’ll never regret …

  1. Karl Kraus has a famous quote with respect to taking actions which always struck me as interesting:

    “A weak man has doubts before a decision, a strong man has them afterwards.”

    Interesting, no?

    • Heading straight on into trouble, allowing for an abyss between knowledge and the need to go there regardless. Human nature requires failure and we get to be who we are by choosing in which way to fail (without doubts, as if sleepwalking) as much as by our accomplishments. Doubt afterwards reflects the pain of failure, doubt before a fear of our own nature.
      Or something like this …

      Thanks for your interesting comment!

      • Thank you for your many provocative posts and ruminations which have at times inspired and spurred me on. I mean to dive headlong into that which I was made to do rather than to be forever timidly deliberating.

      • Maybe you were made to deliberate timidly and to yearn, at the same time, to dive in head first. I imagine that all good writing comes from people with timid hearts who crave adventure. Like Hemingway, for example. Like myself who’d swim in Arctic waters, run barefoot in the snow, and eloquently brag about it afterwards, leaving out minor details like bad colds and cuts and blisters not to spoil the effect of my story.
        Thanks for your comment, by the way, that truly means something to a nighttime writer reaching out with ruminations and provocations.

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