raving madness

I had seen a lot of strange things recently, but nothing quite matched the moment when I first realized that the girl I had been looking for only existed in the reflection of the mirror. And yet I felt her standing right next to me. I wasn’t terrified. Thinking about that I still wonder about my comparative cool. My heart was beating like crazy and my stomach was churning. I was speed thinking, but in circles. I didn’t think “it’s impossible”, not once since I had ventured out to find Penelope Hofmann had I entertained that thought. But I was coming close to it this moment. All other inconsistencies with reality that I had noticed before had still born small elements of ambivalence that left open the possibility of an explanation to reestablish everyday logic. But there were only two explanations for the incredible appearance in the window: either there were more phenomena possible than had been scientifically accounted for so far – I wasn’t ready to think into the direction of supernatural beings – or I was raving mad. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem directly threatening. I was still sitting here, the girl was still standing right next to me in the reflection of my world in the window, and there was nothing I could do at this moment to change that. Maybe with the exception of an immediate termination of my belief that this was possible. Somehow. I realized at that moment that I would prefer to be raving mad to inhabiting of a world without surprises. I managed a weak smile in direction of the girl. She responded with a grin.